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‘Love Blossom’ ~  

Blown ink on Photographic Paper 30x20cms. Unframed.


‘A World of Sunshine’

Blown ink on Photographic Paper  30x20cms. Unframed.



‘Golden Stillness’

Flow Acrylics on Round Stretched Canvas. Unframed.


‘ WT…..!!’,  KA’s 2018 Bald Archi Art Prize Entry 

A political comment on Barnaby Joyce the then leader of the Australian NationParty and his debacle over his NZ citizenship.

Acrylic on stretched canvas Unframed 60 x 50 cms

$1350.00 AUD 

“Water Wonderland”

Flow acrylics on canvas board framed behind glass 20x15cms 

$400.00 AUD  

 ‘A Kiss of Pink”

Flow acrylics on stretched canvas 18x30cms Unframed   

$350.00 AUD 

“Desert Dance”

Flow acrylics on stretched canvas 30x30cms Unframed 

$400.00 AUD


“Big Wet Blues”

Flow acrylics + leaf gold on stretched canvas 18x30cms Unframed

$400.00 AUD


“Blue Lagoon”

Flow acrylics on canvas board  30x30cms Framed behind glass

$450.00 AUD  

“Under the Waves”

Flow acrylics on stretched canvas Unframed 30×30 cms

$475.00 AUD


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Should I be able to help you with a commission or replica/similar work please contact me  on 0148 120 106


My Journey in Art

I have been a professional selling artist in the art world for 37 years. 

I started out my art life as a realist wildlife artist after my last child Lara went to school. Over the years I continued to move between oils, pastels, drawing, watercolour realist work with ever-changing subject matter. In the last 15 years, I have been having a ball with acrylics in all their glory and in particular contemporary expressionism.  These days I have ‘retired’ from teaching painting after teaching many wonderful students for 35yrs. These days I want to spend more time in my studio at Indented Head on the glorious south coast of Victoria where the subject matter is infinite and varied. I am in heaven and consider myself to be one very lucky little vegemite.

The Old Home

My Prices

My paintings prices have been constant for the last 14 years.  When deciding on a price for a painting I try to have some sort of rationale between the size, the degree of difficulty, the medium, and my 37 yrs apprenticeship as a practising artist.

One thing I HATE in the art world are artists who constantly repeat the style, format, and subject matter over and over again.Give me a break!!  Surely after doing the same thing up to 50 plus times they can’t help but get bored and this will show in the work.

I have always wanted to make EVERYONE OF MY PAINTINGS  a COMPLETE  ‘ORIGINAL.’

That way I continue to evolve and learn!!!!!

Village Mont Aus SourcesSA

When Buying a Painting Ask Yourself:

  1.  Is the work original? 
  2. Does it rock my emotional boat?
  3.  Do its colours stimulate my senses?
  4. Do I like the application and use of the medium?
  5.  Does the composition guide my eye through the piece?
  6. Is it well constructed of materials that will age well?
  7. What do I know about Kerry Anne’ and her work?
  8. Is the price to my satisfaction/needs?
  9. Where will I hang it?
  10. Will it fit?
  11. Is it the right format [shape]?
  12. Will it be a good investment, financially and within our family?
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